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With a background in film, visual effects and photography, I am passionate about candid and low-light photography. When it comes to photography, capturing a decisive moment; candid emotions and using photography as a tool to paint with light - are the elements that come together to make a good photograph. 

In the past, I have photographed for brands across the advertising, lifestyle, travel, fashion and non-profit industries. In addition, I have worked as a pre-visualisation artist and am well versed with trick photography given my background in visual effects.

International Brands that I have worked with include, Condé Nast Traveller, ITC Hotels, ADIDAS (Global & India), Teach for India, and Azure Power. My photographs have also been featured in the UN Newsletter and I been voted one of the Top 10 International Photocrowd Photographers; ranked as one of the World’s Top Pet Photographers; and selected as a Featured Photographer for the WestPhoto Agency & Library launch in London.

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